Sun-flower Not Meant To Be


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Amongst the beautiful meadows of yellow delight
Stood eminently
A month old cute one
Adoring the golden light.

She was madly in love
Ever since she had made it through
Seen the world with her eyes
In the brilliance of her beau

She knew of the competition
Her peers were many
But she knew she loved him
More than any.

Each day she’d try to hold on
To the little pearls of dew
Hoping her lover would come out
And see her sparkle,her little way to woo.

Each day she’d hope
He wouldn’t leave her side
After shining so brightly
He wouldn’t go back to hide

Perhaps her love wasn’t enough
Perhaps she wasn’t expressing it right
She’d hardly get any sleep in wait
Neither would the thoughts leave her at night.

One day she flowered,bloomed with joy
Flaunted her precious gift with pride
‘This would surely make him stay!’ She thought
As he moved,she made sure it stayed on his side.

Alas,dusk and her heart was broken
She was left alone in incessant cry
That night was rough and icy winds blew
Taking with it her cherished gift,she didn’t have the strength nor will to ply.

She loved him unconditionally
Perhaps that’s why she was in pain
Dawn came no sooner that day
And yes,She was in love again.


It’s been so long that it would be really inappropriate to give any excuse haha. (I’m Sorry!truly am 😦 )

I really hope you are doing well and had an amazing weekend.

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I dreamed my friend and I playing on the streets,in peace amidst the honking cars

I dreamed my favorite teacher at school,entering,a broad smile on her face on being greeted again by an entire class

I dreamed shaking hands with the police uncle who stood at the corner,without fear playing on our minds,thinking of me just as a child in awe and honor

I dreamed the local hospital,no longer in ruins,nurses dressed in the purest whites,beds mostly empty with clean sheets

I dreamed  my father,he’s back and safe,my elder brother found and none will ever call me again waif

I dreamed children with wounds meaning no more than involvement in rough play, bandages uncommon becoming a sight appalling unlike today

I dreamed food less salty,Mother feeding me with her hands while identifying constellations in the balcony

I dreamed gazing at the stars,skies smokeless and clear but I am no longer desperate for them to shoot down

I dreamed shouting the words freedom and meaning it in our small town.

I dreamed but Mother didn’t want me to dream any more,

she told dreaming is a sin when this World is the judge

but sweet Mother,it’s the only way I can get my mind off this hunger much.

– Aks

Note : The narrator is a child living in these horrid times in the war-stricken countries.

It’s been extremely painful to read all that has transpired in the last few days.We can only pray this end soon.

On a different note, the last few months have been quite hectic for me and thus I have failed to give time to WordPress.Being in my final year of my undergraduate course I hardly am optimistic of that changing any time soon but I am extremely eager to update myself with the recent posts on my favorite blogs and will surely do it soon,one blog at a time.Also,I am lagging by quite a lot in replying to the comments on this blog and to respond to the new follows.Thank you so very much for all that appreciation,it truly means a lot and I promise to get back to each and every one of you very soon.

Wrinkled in Love


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Dressed in his best suit and tie

He sat on the wheelchair,holding a bouquet of roses

A long cherished dream that saw half a century go by

Only the roses were white and she,was in black

And the priest spoke of a peaceful after life rather than the journey of two hearts onto a single track.


Their eyes met as each surveyed the body,their fingertips had once grown so familiar to

He still saw the submissive look in her eyes of that night in the train

She still saw the passionate look in his,of those kisses in the rain

He had lost most of his teeth but she still remembered their bite

Her hair wasn’t silky anymore but he still remembered his hands glide

Their bodies might have lost color but love hadn’t lost its touch

Like a leaf preserved between pages remaining forever such.


Two hours had passed and innumerable conversations had been made

Not a word had been spoken but the pain of their souls had been conveyed

Tears rolled down again as it was time for yet another good bye

People around,oblivious,admired his love for the deceased ally.


The following day saw him at the Church again

Thanking the Lord for the previous day’s gain

Lit a candle and as per the routine wish,he’d say

“Lord,Don’t get me wrong but soon,please take another mutual friend away”.

– Aks

Dear Reader,here is wishing you a very Happy New Year! May you have a wonderful 2017.

Daily prompt – Year














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Life’s isn’t simple,it’s the biggest lie

Leaving it to God,hoping it will be alright

No matter how windy it gets or how stormy the sky,

A candle has to burn before you put a hand around to protect it’s light.


Life isn’t always cheerful and glittering

Sometimes,it’s colored with shades less bright

Loneliness embittering

But then,dark clouds are more soothing than intense sunlight.


Life doesn’t always make sense

It’s funny,fictious,often hard to buy

Light years away,millions of atoms burning intense

But all you see is a star twinkling merrily in the night sky.


Life loves to hit you hard often like a stone thrown into a serene lake

While you watch your ‘soul mates’ just ripple by

So feel the pain,feel alive,enjoy the challenges it can bake

and kiss them a delightful good bye.


Life is your empty piece of paper,fill it,decide what gets embedded

But make sure it continues to mean something even when it gets shredded.


– Aks


Daily prompt – Mope








It’s Christmas!


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It’s that time of the year again

The trees begin to chime

Stockings are in every rhyme

Turkeys ruin all those hours at gyms

Kids enjoy their door visits singing beautiful hymns.

Snow falling and hearts frozen

Sudden love for God now arisen

Celebrating the day when the Lord arrived as a child

Yet never giving freedom to their suppressed inner child

Let’s make merry this Christmas day

Retreat from all our inhibitions  and just shout hurray.

–  Aks



Down on one knee


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“Five years,should you come back then,I promise..”,she said.

Words he kept repeating everyday in bed

Striking off the next date in the calendar before the clock struck midnight

Days shortening,smile broadening

The wait was nearly over,he could finally see the light.


She wanted him to stand firmly on his knees before going down on one

He had done his best,now a doctor,second to none.

The day arrived,she got his call,unexpected

Voice stuttering,heart fluttering

Pondering about the promise that had to be respected.


Candle light dinner,nervous laughter and he finally went down on his knee

Held out his hand,his heart on a thumping spree

Looking down,hoping to feel the warmth with her cold touch

Body shivering,hands quivering

Praying intensely,promising the Almighty,in return,much.


His hand still cold and with no words spoken

A minute passed like an eternity and he was all broken

Looked up amidst tears blurring his eye

Her face turned,his loyalty spurned

Little could she do,troubled with an imminent sneeze that just wouldn’t come by.

–  Aks

Merry Christmas,dear Reader! May the spirit of Christmas bring the bests of health and happiness to your home! Stay blessed.

Also,I haven’t posted any message to thank you yet on this blog and that is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now.I guess there couldn’t have been any better day for it,so here it is – A Big THANK YOU to all my fellow bloggers and followers for being so supportive and encouraging at all times! It’s helped me immensely and I truly can’t appreciate it enough! Thank you!!







The Ultimate Christmas Gift


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Staring at the empty spaces under the Christmas tree,he let out a sigh,

“What’s good in growing old if Santa no longer comes by!”,

Insightful thinking was soon disrupted,

The phone rang and the parents of his ‘once critical’ patient,with wishes,erupted

A sweet little voice spoke,barely holding back his cry,”Merry Christmas,my Santa with a tie!”

–  Aks

The author dreams to have a similar impact on the lives of people and that will be his goal for the coming year and for the ones after – for the Limerick Week Challenge week 50 – Goals

Limerick#3,a bountiful gift

The Seduction Act


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She needed him,to reproduce

yet never stopped the whining abuse.

Touched softly on his arms and feet bare

A deep kiss on the cheeks marked the end of the affair

Satisfied,the sexy mosquito left for a new prey to seduce.

– Aks

The Greatest yet the most painful  Act of Seduction in this world

The End – Limerick Challenge week 52

Limerick – Satire


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*This Poem won the Limerick Challenge Week 49 : Satire


With the arrival of the much anticipated letter,leaving it unopened,he rushed to buy the finest attire

Well past the marriage age,he had often endured much satire

Dressed in the best suit and tie

he caught the next plane to Mumbai

Never before had a man walked in with such enthusiasm to a funeral pyre.

– Aks

An Eerie Night


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You look out of the window,

into the ghastly night

as Spooky winds blow

Hair erect,teeth clenching tight.


You look away into the comfort of your room,

it’s pretty warm and bright inside

But the lights go off soon and now you’re left in fright

you panic a little,ensuring the candle flame has also died.


That terrifying scene from the horror movie last night,

those stories of martyrs returning as ghosts your friends made during the hiking

yes,the ones you laughed off without a sigh

now,you give them a bit too much credit for your own liking


You hear a buzz all of a sudden

petrified,pale,you turn around to face death in it’s brand now form

your cold hands barely grasping the nearest object,turns out it’s a button

Nevertheless you turn around ready to strike

but you end up relieved as you see light

from a firefly burning for you far from its swarm.


It’s all calm now,you know you can make it through the night

the horror is over and you have to thank the firefly burning by your side

People go through worse you know,

nights dark and lonely

so shy not away from being the firefly they need

Burn a little,you might be their only.


– Aks