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’tis is but amusing when i look back at my past,

Cheerful, bright old days amidst the teary, old shadow cast.

Times when i wanted to no longer fill my lungs with air,

Times when there was no hope, all despair

Times when i wanted the black gloomy skies to take me away,

So that i no longer have to see the sunrise ever this way.

Times when i tore into my flesh, ripping my soul apart

Cursing the very existence of this life, this broken heart

Which lay in a million pieces, spread across everywhere

It would never fall in piece, no not even with a swoosh of magic air

’tis then that i wanted the roaring sea to end this horrible misery

’tis  then that i wanted the raging fire to burn me away on hearing my dismal plea

’tis then that i wanted Mother Earth to use its power and grant me eternal peace

But alas! Nature had other plans for me!

It gave me the greatest gift i could ever receive

A gift so precious yet so easy to conceive

A gift that makes me look at life this way,

I no longer wish to miss a single second of my joyful stay

I was not the first and am sure won’t be the last

Who wished to leave without realising there is so much more,

So much more joy and happiness, beauty to enjoy and shout hurray!

So the next time i meet someone who is down and out in foray,

I shall gracefully share that indelible gift that nature offered me

And the gift,the gift of Time shall make him find his own way!

– Aks