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​I’m not going to write how you hurt me 

I’m not going to sing the way i cried 

I’m not going to abuse you for your cruelty

For the condemnable way you left me to die 

You don’t deserve to be portrayed as the ‘la belle dame sans merci’ 

You don’t deserve my wrath 

When all you did was love me 

Truly and perhaps more than that 

You knew things wouldn’t work out 

You knew your  parents well 

They probably wouldn’t as much give me a shout

Given our religions didnt exactly get along 

You knew it would only get harder

Had we continued to stay on 

You had to take the decision 

No matter how hard it would seem

You had to turn your back 

And walk away with a sheen

Leaving me all broken and bitter 

Oblivious of what it actually meant to you 

The very person, who on not being replied would cry, 

The very person, who ‘lied’ a vow to be there with me till I die

How could I not see through this sacrifice of yours 

One that would match the greatest sacrifices in love ever made 

How could I abuse the purest soul that ever was

And portray you in the worst grade

I cry every time I remember how special you made me feel

And can hardly imagine how broken you would be 

My sweetest dove, I’m sorry I couldn’t understand you then

Couldn’t comprehend this ‘forceful treachery’ 

Sweetheart, I have always loved you truly 

And that will never change

Someday our hearts will come together 

Probably in heaven but it will be well worth the wait 

Heaven hopefully does not discriminate on religion like this horrible planet does 

There we shall be together, my love, peacefully for a zillion delightful hours 

    – Aks