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We discriminate on the colour

We discriminate on the assets got

We discriminate on the religion

We discriminate on, like literally what not!

Do we feel superior doing so?

Do we think He does he it too?

Discriminates on colour

And says no heaven for you?!

He who created us surely didn’t believe in this

As he gifted us all the same

A beautiful mind to think

A wonderful heart capable of igniting many a flame

In times like this

Where we face numerous battles over

Hearts silenced indiscriminately

And hate voices raging all over

Do you think we can overcome such battles alone?

Seems a near impossible feat that

But how about we join hands, You and i?

Together is probably our best chance to bell every such cat!

– Aks

This poem is in response to the Daily Prompt  –  Together https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/together/