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Love her like she is the last drop of dew

placed at the edge of the petal ready to fall

and disappear from this world once in for all/

Love her like she is the comet of Halley,

lucky is one if he sees it once

because 76 yrs it takes to reappear as a .

Love her like she is the sunrise at the Artic,

after six months of darkness and being all frantic

does it appear to the joy of all.

Probably the most vigorously cheered sunrise of them all!

Love her like she is the gulp of water

passing down the dry,dehydrated throat of a traveler.

Oh what he wouldn’t have done,

To get this single gulp amidst his journey under the scorching sun!

Love her with all you can till your very end,

no rain or snow can ever break your bend.

Love her and let her know you do

of course it shouldn’t matter if she chooses pastures new

because true love is all about sacrifice,

art of giving everything without expecting any requites.

Love her the way above or don’t you love her at all!

Because  true love is not a joke, not something to enthral!

But I’m sure if you do,one day she will be in your arms,

by your side,under your protection come nightfall.

Because true love isn’t easy to find

and if one does, one should never ever leave it behind!

–  Aks