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She lay there, arm in arm

And kissed him good night

As the drug started running through her veins

The pain began to subside

They had been inseparable over the last year

Nights had been so much better to pass by

She hugged him dear

Arm in arm, thigh in thigh

Sometimes she would speak to him

He was one, she never had to lie

She spoke of how her chances were glim

She spoke of how her parents feared

To tell her she was going to die

Yet she had braved a smile

The least she could

Make her remaining time with her parents worthwhile

She anticipated by the way dad had hugged her

The way mom had kissed

When the doctor had pushed his drug

Yet she remained ignorantly blissed

She told the all knowing, loving him good night

Hugged him, slept arm in arm, thigh in thigh

But this night there were no private words spoken

As neither her nor her beloved teddy would ever be woken

– Aks