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​I loved him dearly

She said.

Held on to him as tightly as I could

No matter how much it bled

He was all I ever wanted right from when I had shared my first glances with him

Dreamt of bringing him that first cup of coffee each morning

Compromising on a bouquet of roses when i was all grim

Putting him to rest on my lap as I kissed him good night

Was the happiest girl alive when i saw him go down on one knee

Little did i know he’d make me pay,much more than bending on my broken knees

I sobbed until tears stopped to flow when I realised my laps weren’t meant to be his bed

How could they when he lay thorns and bruised them like a monster instead 

He turned out to be the most bitter coffee I’d ever taste

Used me on his bed,treating me no different than a toy to use and put to waste

Neighbours remarked on my courage to stay put

But little choice I had given Society’s logical consideration of women as nothing but lilliputs

A day came when he almost killed me while he was wasted

And as I awoke lying on the hospital bed,a minute of silence and I had made up my mind that day

No longer was I going to put up with,No longer was I going to stay

Despite all his efforts,I did manage to create a 1000 mile space

Yet my brutalised heart still lay secure at home tucked safely under his pillow case.


This poem is in response to the Daily prompt – Silence