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I sat on the bench

stared at those lovely eyes that sat across.

Elegant,tender, innocent looking

the ones that could make my heart gallop without a pause.


This time was different though,

her eyes constantly moved around.

Seemed like she was searching for someone,

wanted to jump out and tell her it was me that should be found.


Half an hour passed and her eyes finally met mine

I smiled a little,

involuntary hands combing my hair,

when i looked up, it left me belittled!


She stood there unlocking her stick,

took a single snap

and immediately started walking down the street

Visually impaired she was but blindness had given me the rap.


All my dreams faded with the surrounding darkness

Kicked the bench in anger once denial had phased out

Walked down the same street again

thinking a waste of time was what this was all about.


Three years later,

met those eyes again.

This time though they were purposefully fixed onto mine

as she said those words, “I do”, to lock us into this blissful chain.


Yes, I had behaved angrily,

was disappointed no doubt.

But the magic of those passionate eyes

had kept me enchanted throughout.


Years have passed and people still question us when they see us this way.

Well to them all I say,

we are all broken in some or the way,

some are just blessed to be blind to others’ broken ways.

– Aks

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This is submitted for the Discover challenge – Tough Questions