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Sleep well,my child

Oh!my purest,dearest soul!

The World is full of terrors

but Mamma will protect you from it in whole!


Dream, my child

Of the Flowers,the Moon and the beautiful sea

Don’t you open your eyes,

There is nothing good in this World for you to see


Move, my child

kick with all glee

There are no restrictions, no fear

Unlike in this World of misery


Love, my child

with all your little heart

Remember,your father died for it

Ensuring us safety when times grew dark


Enjoy, my child

the last month is here

Soon you’ll be out

In this World that enjoys nothing but the sight of a falling tear


Shush, my child

oh,what do I see,

they have reached here too,

the demons with their terrible machinery.


Pray, my child

the stories of their rapes and inhumanity be untrue.

When Mamma begs for mercy,

atleast they spare you.


Glue your ears, my child

I don’t want you to hear my last cry

Two shots through my chest

sated,they have left me to die.


Push, my child

The lights have begun to fade

I’ll shout the remaining of my lungs Β with pleas

but doubt the dead will come to our aid.


Remember, my child

Your parents tried

Alas you’ll die in me

before you’ve even cried.

Sleep well, my child…

– Aks

*The poet has tried to comprehend the incomprehensible suffering of a pregnant woman in the unfortunate country (during the current horrid times) of Syria

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