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Don’t leave Eli, stay

we’ve been together so long,

embraced every hurdle

singing a common song.


Don’t leave Eli, stay.

Agreed, I laid the rules

enforced them on you,

but honey, you were the most precious amongst my panoply of jewels.


Don’t leave Eli,stay

Shared my entire purse

yet you continued to pound

but never did I allow matters to get worse.


Don’t leave Eli, stay

People came in and I know it caused you pain.

Father, May be our last hope

else it’s Brexit all over again.

– Aks

Dear reader, do you enjoy reading this new series based on inspirations derived from the real World events? Any suggestions for the next one?

In the meant time,you might enjoy this poem,Β Sleep well, my child .It also has been inspired by a real World event.

Thanks for reading! Have a swell day!