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Remember those nights we stayed up staring at the starry sky

you counting stars,me just admiring your beauty under their light

Today,I guess they have all joined you in wanting to hide

not a single one wants to come out and lie,its going to be alright


Remember the beach, the sands where we drew hearts joining our names

Watched the sunset holding hands and jumping over waves

Today, all that remains is the sea bleeding as the sun sinks in

no birds chirping by,not a single trace of wind.


Remember the poems I wrote to you,

read them aloud as you showered kisses at every romantic lay.

Those poems are the only places you’ll ever stay

along with my heart of course as I shelter this pain called love forever this way.





Ever noticed,Mother Nature takes care of her creations well,

the stars vanish only to shine brighter the following night,

the tree withers down only to bloom again,

Wonder if She will show mercy to do the same to my broken heart after all this pain.

– Aks