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You look out of the window,

into the ghastly night

as Spooky winds blow

Hair erect,teeth clenching tight.


You look away into the comfort of your room,

it’s pretty warm and bright inside

But the lights go off soon and now you’re left in fright

you panic a little,ensuring the candle flame has also died.


That terrifying scene from the horror movie last night,

those stories of martyrs returning as ghosts your friends made during the hiking

yes,the ones you laughed off without a sigh

now,you give them a bit too much credit for your own liking


You hear a buzz all of a sudden

petrified,pale,you turn around to face death in it’s brand now form

your cold hands barely grasping the nearest object,turns out it’s a button

Nevertheless you turn around ready to strike

but you end up relieved as you see light

from a firefly burning for you far from its swarm.


It’s all calm now,you know you can make it through the night

the horror is over and you have to thank the firefly burning by your side

People go through worse you know,

nights dark and lonely

so shy not away from being the firefly they need

Burn a little,you might be their only.


– Aks