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“Five years,should you come back then,I promise..”,she said.

Words he kept repeating everyday in bed

Striking off the next date in the calendar before the clock struck midnight

Days shortening,smile broadening

The wait was nearly over,he could finally see the light.


She wanted him to stand firmly on his knees before going down on one

He had done his best,now a doctor,second to none.

The day arrived,she got his call,unexpected

Voice stuttering,heart fluttering

Pondering about the promise that had to be respected.


Candle light dinner,nervous laughter and he finally went down on his knee

Held out his hand,his heart on a thumping spree

Looking down,hoping to feel the warmth with her cold touch

Body shivering,hands quivering

Praying intensely,promising the Almighty,in return,much.


His hand still cold and with no words spoken

A minute passed like an eternity and he was all broken

Looked up amidst tears blurring his eye

Her face turned,his loyalty spurned

Little could she do,troubled with an imminent sneeze that just wouldn’t come by.

– Β Aks

Merry Christmas,dear Reader! May the spirit of Christmas bring the bests of health and happiness to your home! Stay blessed.

Also,I haven’t posted any message to thank you yet on this blog and that is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now.I guess there couldn’t have been any better day for it,so here it is – A Big THANK YOU to all my fellow bloggers and followers for being so supportive and encouraging at all times! It’s helped me immensely and I truly can’t appreciate it enough! Thank you!!