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Life’s isn’t simple,it’s the biggest lie

Leaving it to God,hoping it will be alright

No matter how windy it gets or how stormy the sky,

A candle has to burn before you put a hand around to protect it’s light.


Life isn’t always cheerful and glittering

Sometimes,it’s colored with shades less bright

Loneliness embittering

But then,dark clouds are more soothing than intense sunlight.


Life doesn’t always make sense

It’s funny,fictious,often hard to buy

Light years away,millions of atoms burning intense

But all you see is a star twinkling merrily in the night sky.


Life loves to hit you hard often like a stone thrown into a serene lake

While you watch your ‘soul mates’ just ripple by

So feel the pain,feel alive,enjoy the challenges it can bake

and kiss them a delightful good bye.


Life is your empty piece of paper,fill it,decide what gets embedded

But makeΒ sure it continues to meanΒ something even when it gets shredded.


– Aks


Daily prompt – Mope