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Dressed in his best suit and tie

He sat on the wheelchair,holding a bouquet of roses

A long cherished dream that saw half a century go by

Only the roses were white and she,was in black

And the priest spoke of a peaceful after life rather than the journey of two hearts onto a single track.


Their eyes met as each surveyed the body,their fingertips had once grown so familiar to

He still saw the submissive look in her eyes of that night in the train

She still saw the passionate look in his,of those kisses in the rain

He had lost most of his teeth but she still remembered their bite

Her hair wasn’t silky anymore but he still remembered his hands glide

Their bodies might have lost color but love hadn’t lost its touch

Like a leaf preserved between pages remaining forever such.


Two hours had passed and innumerable conversations had been made

Not a word had been spoken but the pain of their souls had been conveyed

Tears rolled down again as it was time for yet another good bye

People around,oblivious,admired his love for the deceased ally.


The following day saw him at the Church again

Thanking the Lord for the previous day’s gain

Lit a candle and as per the routine wish,he’d say

“Lord,Don’t get me wrong but soon,please take another mutual friend away”.

– Aks

Dear Reader,here is wishing you a very Happy New Year! May you have a wonderful 2017.

Daily prompt – Year