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I dreamed my friend and I playing on the streets,in peace amidst the honking cars

I dreamed my favorite teacher at school,entering,a broad smile on her face on being greeted again by an entire class

I dreamed shaking hands with the police uncle who stood at the corner,without fear playing on our minds,thinking of me just as a child in awe and honor

I dreamed the local hospital,no longer in ruins,nurses dressed in the purest whites,beds mostly empty with clean sheets

I dreamed Β my father,he’s back and safe,my elder brother found and none will ever call me again waif

I dreamed children with wounds meaning no more than involvement in rough play, bandages uncommon becoming a sight appalling unlike today

I dreamed food less salty,Mother feeding me with her hands while identifying constellations in the balcony

I dreamed gazing at the stars,skies smokeless and clear but I am no longer desperate for them to shoot down

I dreamed shouting the words freedom and meaning it in our small town.

I dreamed but Mother didn’t want me to dream any more,

she told dreaming is a sin when this World is the judge

but sweet Mother,it’s the only way I can get my mind off this hunger much.

– Aks

NoteΒ : The narrator is a child living in these horrid times in the war-stricken countries.

It’s been extremely painful to read all that has transpired in the last few days.We can only pray this end soon.

On a different note, the last few months have been quite hectic for me and thus I have failed to give time to WordPress.Being in my final year of my undergraduate course I hardly am optimistic of that changing any time soon but I am extremely eager to update myself with the recent posts on my favorite blogs and will surely do it soon,one blog at a time.Also,I am lagging by quite a lot in replying to the comments on this blog and to respond to the new follows.Thank you so very much for all that appreciation,it truly means a lot and I promise to get back to each and every one of you very soon.