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Amongst the beautiful meadows of yellow delight
Stood eminently
A month old cute one
Adoring the golden light.

She was madly in love
Ever since she had made it through
Seen the world with her eyes
In the brilliance of her beau

She knew of the competition
Her peers were many
But she knew she loved him
More than any.

Each day she’d try to hold on
To the little pearls of dew
Hoping her lover would come out
And see her sparkle,her little way to woo.

Each day she’d hope
He wouldn’t leave her side
After shining so brightly
He wouldn’t go back to hide

Perhaps her love wasn’t enough
Perhaps she wasn’t expressing it right
She’d hardly get any sleep in wait
Neither would the thoughts leave her at night.

One day she flowered,bloomed with joy
Flaunted her precious gift with pride
‘This would surely make him stay!’ She thought
As he moved,she made sure it stayed on his side.

Alas,dusk and her heart was broken
She was left alone in incessant cry
That night was rough and icy winds blew
Taking with it her cherished gift,she didn’t have the strength nor will to ply.

She loved him unconditionally
Perhaps that’s why she was in pain
Dawn came no sooner that day
And yes,She was in love again.


It’s been so long that it would be really inappropriate to give any excuse haha. (I’m Sorry!truly am 😦 )

I really hope you are doing well and had an amazing weekend.

A small thank you note to all my new followers,I’m so sorry,couldn’t get back to you’ll soon enough. Pretty confident this long a break ain’t happening again. Cheers guys!

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