A Glorious Evening


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Abused and cursed Him as He took my withered rose with thorns away,

oblivious I was to the even alluring primrose left by my side with a note underlay.

Sighted it amidst my demands for an early night,

It read,the rose was but to help you make it to the evening light

It is evening now,and the evening is here to stay!

– Aks



Don’t leave Eli, stay


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Don’t leave Eli, stay

we’ve been together so long,

embraced every hurdle

singing a common song.


Don’t leave Eli, stay.

Agreed, I laid the rules

enforced them on you,

but honey, you were the most precious amongst my panoply of jewels.


Don’t leave Eli,stay

Shared my entire purse

yet you continued to pound

but never did I allow matters to get worse.


Don’t leave Eli, stay

People came in and I know it caused you pain.

Father, May be our last hope

else it’s Brexit all over again.

– Aks

Dear reader, do you enjoy reading this new series based on inspirations derived from the real World events? Any suggestions for the next one?

In the meant time,you might enjoy this poem, Sleep well, my child .It also has been inspired by a real World event.

Thanks for reading! Have a swell day!

Sleep well,my child


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Sleep well,my child

Oh!my purest,dearest soul!

The World is full of terrors

but Mamma will protect you from it in whole!


Dream, my child

Of the Flowers,the Moon and the beautiful sea

Don’t you open your eyes,

There is nothing good in this World for you to see


Move, my child

kick with all glee

There are no restrictions, no fear

Unlike in this World of misery


Love, my child

with all your little heart

Remember,your father died for it

Ensuring us safety when times grew dark


Enjoy, my child

the last month is here

Soon you’ll be out

In this World that enjoys nothing but the sight of a falling tear


Shush, my child

oh,what do I see,

they have reached here too,

the demons with their terrible machinery.


Pray, my child

the stories of their rapes and inhumanity be untrue.

When Mamma begs for mercy,

atleast they spare you.


Glue your ears, my child

I don’t want you to hear my last cry

Two shots through my chest

sated,they have left me to die.


Push, my child

The lights have begun to fade

I’ll shout the remaining of my lungs  with pleas

but doubt the dead will come to our aid.


Remember, my child

Your parents tried

Alas you’ll die in me

before you’ve even cried.

Sleep well, my child…

– Aks

*The poet has tried to comprehend the incomprehensible suffering of a pregnant woman in the unfortunate country (during the current horrid times) of Syria

discover challenge – finding your place

Blue Love


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I want to stay with her forever

yet never grow sick of her!

I want to be with her through all her ups and downs,

I want to dive deep into her yet never be the one who drowns,

I want to see her sparkle

like light on a well cut diamond,seeming quite remarkable!

She changes colors ever so often,

she’s Mystical , she’s my unsolved mystery!

All I want is to taste her waters again.

She is the sea

And Yo Ho! A pirate’s life for me!

–  Aks

P.S. : I just finished the entire series of The pirates of the Caribbean this week and that has significantly inspired this post.

I may not be The One


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I may not be the one to kiss you awake,
I may not be the one with the smile to fake,
I may not be the one to show you sparkling galaxies amongst the darkest skies,
make you feel alright with a thousand innocent lies.

I may not be the one to listen patiently to all your tantrum cries,
I may not be the one to intentionally anger you and make up with the most sweetest persistent tries,
I may not be the one to bring you a surprise cup of morning tea
sit beside you watching the Sun’s earliest rays arrive gently upon your crumpled sky blue tee.

I may not be the one to relieve you and sing the child a beautifully constructed yet horrendous sounding lullaby
the best I could while I passionately watch the two loves of my life turn in for the night.
I’ll probably question myself then on the cuteness of you two
the baby,having my genes,would win hands down but I’d still vote you.

I may not be the one
but don’t you mistaken my absence for an intent of not loving you enough.
Understand I’d have given it all if I had been given any chance to be there with you,my sweet dove.
But don’t you worry honey,my physical absence will be duly compensated.

When He says,”I love you”,you’ll hear my voice echo faintly then
when he kisses you,you’ll feel his lips with a deeper touch then
when he takes you on trips to the mountains that you always wanted,
I’ll request the cold air to breeze by your face a little harder,
I’ll request the sweet flowers to fragrance for you a little stronger,
It’ll be the perfect vacation and better exactly as we had once plotted.

Darling,I may not be the one to be there with you,
our worlds probably weren’t meant to collide.
But there is something that I will never lie,
so Sweetheart,remember,I’ll love you till I die.

–  Aks



Passionate  Eyes


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I sat on the bench

stared at those lovely eyes that sat across.

Elegant,tender, innocent looking

the ones that could make my heart gallop without a pause.


This time was different though,

her eyes constantly moved around.

Seemed like she was searching for someone,

wanted to jump out and tell her it was me that should be found.


Half an hour passed and her eyes finally met mine

I smiled a little,

involuntary hands combing my hair,

when i looked up, it left me belittled!


She stood there unlocking her stick,

took a single snap

and immediately started walking down the street

Visually impaired she was but blindness had given me the rap.


All my dreams faded with the surrounding darkness

Kicked the bench in anger once denial had phased out

Walked down the same street again

thinking a waste of time was what this was all about.


Three years later,

met those eyes again.

This time though they were purposefully fixed onto mine

as she said those words, “I do”, to lock us into this blissful chain.


Yes, I had behaved angrily,

was disappointed no doubt.

But the magic of those passionate eyes

had kept me enchanted throughout.


Years have passed and people still question us when they see us this way.

Well to them all I say,

we are all broken in some or the way,

some are just blessed to be blind to others’ broken ways.

– Aks

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This is submitted for the Discover challenge – Tough Questions



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You tell me that you’re  not happy

that you don’t quite feel the same

You tell that you don’t recognize joy

and that probably it has forgotten your name

Well, what if I told you that finding happyness needs no pain,

that Happyness is seeing the half glass full even when there is not a single thing in it to stain,

happyness is engaging in helping even where there is absolutely no scope for gain

Happyness is not pointing out the spelling error that you have been noticing all along

because you don’t have to satisfy yourself on others forlorn.

Happiness is within and all around

You see a homeless man with nothing to spare

yet he grins his heart out

while you stand and make grumblings to life’s despair.

Happiness is that numbness, that tranquility you beget

when no limits of obloquy can make you forget

the days when you struggled to make it happen,

the days when you believed and saw it happen.

Happiness is nothing but a true reflection,

see yourself in the mirror that’s happiness to perfection!

– Aks

Toothless smile 


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In times where bombs and guns have replaced the teddy bears and cars

Where cartoons and fantasy bed time stories are soon becoming outcasts

Where money is taught to be respected

And what said about  true friendship stands corrected

Where one child judges the other based on the gadget carried

And play grounds? Ha, they have been long buried

Play stations and mobile phones reigning supreme

Winning virtual games, collecting virtual monsters being the only dream

Where messaging apps are the only way

Two individuals can communicate despite being less than a mile away

But then you come across a toothless smile

From a six year old, living on the chaotic streets

With parents barely making ends meet

Yet he finds reason and joy enough to show off the single missing tooth he possesses

While the rest of the world ‘enthusiastically progresses’

– Aks


Daily Prompt – Silence (The Bleeding Nights) 


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​I loved him dearly

She said.

Held on to him as tightly as I could

No matter how much it bled

He was all I ever wanted right from when I had shared my first glances with him

Dreamt of bringing him that first cup of coffee each morning

Compromising on a bouquet of roses when i was all grim

Putting him to rest on my lap as I kissed him good night

Was the happiest girl alive when i saw him go down on one knee

Little did i know he’d make me pay,much more than bending on my broken knees

I sobbed until tears stopped to flow when I realised my laps weren’t meant to be his bed

How could they when he lay thorns and bruised them like a monster instead 

He turned out to be the most bitter coffee I’d ever taste

Used me on his bed,treating me no different than a toy to use and put to waste

Neighbours remarked on my courage to stay put

But little choice I had given Society’s logical consideration of women as nothing but lilliputs

A day came when he almost killed me while he was wasted

And as I awoke lying on the hospital bed,a minute of silence and I had made up my mind that day

No longer was I going to put up with,No longer was I going to stay

Despite all his efforts,I did manage to create a 1000 mile space

Yet my brutalised heart still lay secure at home tucked safely under his pillow case.


This poem is in response to the Daily prompt – Silence


Etiquette of True Love


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Love her like she is the last drop of dew

placed at the edge of the petal ready to fall

and disappear from this world once in for all/

Love her like she is the comet of Halley,

lucky is one if he sees it once

because 76 yrs it takes to reappear as a .

Love her like she is the sunrise at the Artic,

after six months of darkness and being all frantic

does it appear to the joy of all.

Probably the most vigorously cheered sunrise of them all!

Love her like she is the gulp of water

passing down the dry,dehydrated throat of a traveler.

Oh what he wouldn’t have done,

To get this single gulp amidst his journey under the scorching sun!

Love her with all you can till your very end,

no rain or snow can ever break your bend.

Love her and let her know you do

of course it shouldn’t matter if she chooses pastures new

because true love is all about sacrifice,

art of giving everything without expecting any requites.

Love her the way above or don’t you love her at all!

Because  true love is not a joke, not something to enthral!

But I’m sure if you do,one day she will be in your arms,

by your side,under your protection come nightfall.

Because true love isn’t easy to find

and if one does, one should never ever leave it behind!

–  Aks