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I may not be the one to kiss you awake,
I may not be the one with the smile to fake,
I may not be the one to show you sparkling galaxies amongst the darkest skies,
make you feel alright with a thousand innocent lies.

I may not be the one to listen patiently to all your tantrum cries,
I may not be the one to intentionally anger you and make up with the most sweetest persistent tries,
I may not be the one to bring you a surprise cup of morning tea
sit beside you watching the Sun’s earliest rays arrive gently upon your crumpled sky blue tee.

I may not be the one to relieve you and sing the child a beautifully constructed yet horrendous sounding lullaby
the best I could while I passionately watch the two loves of my life turn in for the night.
I’ll probably question myself then on the cuteness of you two
the baby,having my genes,would win hands down but I’d still vote you.

I may not be the one
but don’t you mistaken my absence for an intent of not loving you enough.
Understand I’d have given it all if I had been given any chance to be there with you,my sweet dove.
But don’t you worry honey,my physical absence will be duly compensated.

When He says,”I love you”,you’ll hear my voice echo faintly then
when he kisses you,you’ll feel his lips with a deeper touch then
when he takes you on trips to the mountains that you always wanted,
I’ll request the cold air to breeze by your face a little harder,
I’ll request the sweet flowers to fragrance for you a little stronger,
It’ll be the perfect vacation and better exactly as we had once plotted.

Darling,I may not be the one to be there with you,
our worlds probably weren’t meant to collide.
But there is something that I will never lie,
so Sweetheart,remember,I’ll love you till I die.

–  Aks