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You tell me that you’re  not happy

that you don’t quite feel the same

You tell that you don’t recognize joy

and that probably it has forgotten your name

Well, what if I told you that finding happyness needs no pain,

that Happyness is seeing the half glass full even when there is not a single thing in it to stain,

happyness is engaging in helping even where there is absolutely no scope for gain

Happyness is not pointing out the spelling error that you have been noticing all along

because you don’t have to satisfy yourself on others forlorn.

Happiness is within and all around

You see a homeless man with nothing to spare

yet he grins his heart out

while you stand and make grumblings to life’s despair.

Happiness is that numbness, that tranquility you beget

when no limits of obloquy can make you forget

the days when you struggled to make it happen,

the days when you believed and saw it happen.

Happiness is nothing but a true reflection,

see yourself in the mirror that’s happiness to perfection!

– Aks